The IMR Group offers services and products to the most prestigious car manufacturers in the world,employing approximately 800 workers in four factories located throughout Northern Italy and in Spain. We have a collection of diverse professional and technical resources, enabling us to be a world-class leader in the manufacturing of exterior parts for the automotive and truck industry.

IMR Automotive SpA, a company with over 60 years of experience in molding and assembly of plastic products and construction of molds and equipment, is the fulcrum in a group of industrial branches. Thanks to technology and the productive potential of our own facilities, our autonomous group can provide full quality service to the customer: from engineering to series production.

The structure of the IMR Group ensures high-level technical specialization, allowing the customer to avoid continuous interventions within the production cycle and guaranteeing quality control on the product in every stage of its transformational journey.

In recent years, most of the investments have served to enhance computer technologies, enabling a significant increase in the quality and a reduction in production times and costs.