LWRT Technology

LWRT Technology

Lightweight solutions for Underbody Shields


  • Substantial weight reduction and increased sound-absorbing performance compared to traditional production technologies (D-LFT/GMT) while preserving the functional characteristics of resistance to gravel, flame resistance, impermeability to liquids and low water absorption


  • Development and validation of customized formulations in collaboration with the material supplier, to ensure the satisfaction of the functional requirements, and the industrialization of the production line with a dedicated automated system to optimize production efficiency and economic competitiveness of technology at high volumes (~ 2,000 vehicles/day)


  • IMR technological know-how for customer support during design and prototyping with Ureol molds


  • weight reduction of at least 25% compared to traditional technologies (GMT/D-LFT)
  • acoustic performance satisfaction without need for additional sound-absorbing elements to be welded or over-molded per piece